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About Communication

In simple term, communication means talking to each other. How do we know that we have a good communication skill at our working environment? Well, if you can talk and other people understand what you are talking about, you are a good communicator. Communication is the basic need for creating a healthy work environment. Each department as a part of the whole organization need to work together with other department. A good communication strategy can increase organizational productivity.

So, how to implement communication strategies? To answer this inquiry, let me start with the verbal communication strategies, which extremely important for building trust among team members. Working in organization require a teamwork with distribution of works are assigned to each team members. Verbal communication strategies among team members can increase team productivity. It helps to eliminate misunderstandings among members. As compared to text messages, verbal communication can help to clarify the idea that the team members should do in achieving the goals of the organization.
Next, the use of technology to create open communication among all team members is important. Each member has to understand each other tasks and how far each member has progressed with their tasks before moving to the next stages of the projects at hand. Some works within the project require the finalization of the first stage elements before moving to next stage. Confusion is one of the challenges in the lack of open communication among team members. The team leader needs to create an environment where each team member can talk to each other. In simple terms, each team member needs to measure its own performance that can contribute to other’s performance and move the project phase to the next level.

Further, visual communication is important for human learning. The team leader needs to use picture or flowchart to show how ideas work in dealing with challenges and opportunities in undertaking the projects. Team members who are good as visual learners can learn easily using pictures/colors/graphs to explain complex ideas into simple ones. Enhancing their understanding about the complexity of the works/projects, will help the team to achieve its goals in short period of time. This will save time to conduct meetings that will lessen the energy to do the actual work.

However, meetings are important to clarify and decide on the decision to take as a whole teamwork. A simple meeting with less than 10 minutes presentation about the important agenda is valuable to set the right path for the projects. Every single meeting has to come up with a good output that will guide the decision for the projects at hand. Having an important agenda on every meeting is essential to set the direction of the teamwork.

One thing that team leader has to do is to encourage feedback to show the progress of the projects and what has been changed and remained unchanged, and why it happens. Making members comfortable to speak their mind is also an art in itself. This feedback is the key to increase the productivity of the teamwork. How to get the feedback and how to implement feedback are important to undertake before and after the decision about the projects have been undertaken. It is essential to take time slots for taking this feedback and build direct communication with team members. Making a habit of moving around the office to check on your team members each day will make them understand that as a team leader, you have dedicated specific time to communicate with them. It is always nice to know when you can talk to your team leader as it builds trust through open communication. During this time, sense of humor with a funny joke or team building activities can also be conducted. This simple thing will make the team members laugh and relax. At the end, it will enhance the teamwork productivity.

Finally, using the communication technology, setting a new meeting agenda, using verbal communication, conducting visual presentation of complex ideas in a simple graph, all these can help to improve the communication systems among members within the teamwork.

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